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Best Way to Convert Youtube Videos To Downloadable MP3 (No Apps, Extensions, or Add-ons required)

Sometimes you find a really good song on YouTube that you  just can’t find anywhere else. If you want to rip the audio from that video and download it as an mp3, you usually have to find and install a third party program or add an extension/add-on to rip the audio from the youtube video.  If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can always use one of these two sites to easily convert any Youtube video into an mp3 for free:

There are two reliable sites that I have found to instantly download the audio from any URL (without having to enabling Java to convert them):




1.  Using

This one is the fastest method.

You just go to their site, paste the URL to the video you want the audio from, and click the “convert video to mp3” button. It says the conversion can take a few minutes, but all of the songs I have done converted in just a few seconds. Once it is converted, just click “Download” and enjoy!

You can also create a link to the video using the “Link this mp3” button.

image-0011-opt (1)

(Sorry for the German. I’m in Germany, and it automatically switches the site to German. I tried using Google Translate on it to make it as English as possible.)

2.  Using

This one is slower, but it gives you the option to pick a higher bitrate.

Like before, you just go to their site, paste the URL to the video you want the audio from, and click the “continue” button.

image-0021 (1)

Next, click the “MP3” options (or whatever file type you want) and adjust the options to your liking!

image-0032 (1)

Then click “Start!” to convert it!

image-004 (1)

In a short time, your mp3 will be ready for download.

image-005 (1)

That’s it!


When comparing the audio files I downloaded (of Super Mario Bros.: The 8-bit Opera) side-by-side,

the one from has:

  • Bitrate of 128 k
  • File Size of 2.6 MB

The one from has:

  • Bitrate of 256 k (True to it’s word)
  • File Size of 5.16 MB

To put it simply, the bitrate is the amount of information the song contains per second. A higher bitrate would mean the song has more information per second, which means it will have a higher quality. However, there is debate as to how noticeable this difference is, and a higher bitrate would also mean a larger file size.

In Conclusion:

I’ve tried a ton of other website for converting youtube videos into mp3’s, but was the fastest and easiest to use, while gave me the most conversion options (including a higher bitrate). In my opinion, is the most solid option for all of your YouTube downloading needs. If you like it a lot, you could also use their chrome extension, Safari extension, Firefox add-on, or desktop app. It really is an all-in-one stop for any needs related to YouTube downloading.


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